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Solving the Healthcare Puzzle

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DOCS Health is an advanced healthcare movement with one mission: Provide access to comprehensive healthcare and innovative solutions for schools, military, government agencies, correctional facilities, and corporations around the world. Our skilled medical and dental professionals remove barriers to care by delivering on-site healthcare for our members.

Since our inception in 1990, DOCS Health has become a trusted industry leader. We are passionate about creating limitless access to healthcare through advanced delivery solutions, and our interdisciplinary teams bridge gaps in an accessible, convenient, and customizable manner for our partners and communities.

Over the last three decades, DOCS Health has outperformed conventional healthcare institutions in providing healthcare services with advanced diagnostic capabilities and enhanced care options. Our model has disrupted the status quo of an ineffective healthcare delivery puzzle, and today we are proud to be the single piece that connects people to better health outcomes.


To be a recognized leader in expanding access to care around the world that impacts and improves health outcomes.

Our mission

To facilitate advanced healthcare solutions that support, manage, and provide unique opportunities for members, partners, and communities.

High-Quality Care

We are your connection to convenient, integrated healthcare solutions.

Efficient Systems

We build self-sustaining models that support volume and drive results.

Operational Excellence

We provide flexible, convenient solutions and systems that support healthcare needs. 

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