Health Services

Improving Health Outcomes Worldwide.

Our health services are flexible and can be designed in both a custom and scalable manner. DOCS Health will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery through our seamless integration of services.

Health Services

DOCS Health offers a range of health services for our partners and their members. Depending on the specific need, our health services can include comprehensive medical, dental, audiology, vision care – and more. Our team will determine your care needs, explain our services, and execute a tailor-made plan.


From health assessments, to screenings, and physical exams, our medical professionals provide a series of specialized health services.


Our comprehensive services include dental examinations, preventative, restorative, endodontic and oral surgery care. We also offer other specialty care such as implants, orthodontics and periodontics.


Our audiology solutions include comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, pure tone air, bone conduction, acoustic emission, Speech Recognition in Noise Testing (SPRINT).


Comprehensive services include screenings, comprehensive exams, refraction, eyewear prescriptions.


All routine adult Immunizations and “theatre-specific” immunizations including COVID-19 vaccines.


We provide phlebotomy and point-of-care tests (COVID-19, Lipids, HCG).

Behavioral Health

Our clinicians provide assessments, trauma-informed intervention, and deploys a custom referral network for follow up treatment options.


Additional capabilities include EKG, Women’s Health, Rapid Deployment, and more.

Specialty Services

Every partner has different needs, which is why DOCS Health doesn’t adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. We offer a variety of outcome-based specialty services, including immunization, laboratory, behavioral health and healthcare readiness services. We remove barriers, and bring services where you need them.

Wellness Services

Improving health outcomes is the single priority of DOCS Health. There is a positive correlation between readily available access to care, preventative services, and comprehensive wellness education. We deliver wellness solutions that promote better employee health and engagement, impact population health, and increase compliance.

Employee Health

Keeping the workforce healthy and safe through tailored testing programs, surveillance screenings, and occupational health services.

Nutrition Counseling

Tailored educational sessions with professional clinicians, which include: assessment, goal planning, and chronic disease management.

Surveillance Testing

Custom testing for COVID-19 that identifies infected individuals, and safeguards environments. Our teams screen, collect, and report results to prevent and reduce transmission.


We provide program assessments, quality reviews, and custom reporting through our robust, HIPAA and HITRUST-compliant technology and Electronic Health Record platforms.

Logistics & Operations

End-to-end project management, event coordination, order processing, warehousing, and transportation services.

Case Management

Our collaborative process to track healthcare assessments, appointment scheduling and reminders, member communication, reporting and evaluation, and treatment planning.

Care Coordination

Connecting members to an integrated network of care continuum through special on-boarding, resources, referrals, and health education.

Call Center

In-bound call management, appointment scheduling, 24/7 provider connectivity, referrals, and membership care services.

Support Services

DOCS Health supports exceptional care by bringing robust logistics management practices to you. Our operations team provides exceptional case management, care coordination, and operational support right where you need it. Let our efficient, effective, and flexible support services help you build the bridge to better health outcomes.

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