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proven results

DOCS Health partners with you to make excellent dental care convenient and accessible by bringing custom dental solutions to your correctional facility.

Our portable equipment allows us to provide full-service dental treatment on location, at facilities with or without a dental operatory. With flexible scheduling options, we are able to accommodate significant fluctuations in the population size and subsequent dental needs at each facility.

We work with facilities to create a customizable, comprehensive dental program to fit their unique needs.

Our Solutions Include:

  • High-quality dental treatment through a team of dedicated, corrections-trained, and experienced staff who maximize efficiencies in a safe, controlled manner
  • On-site dental care that helps facilities control costs by providing virtually all services in house, including oral surgery
  • An in-service training program developed by DOCS Health specifically for correctional environments
  • 24/7 accessibility for after-hours emergency phone consultations by a dentist
  • HIPAA-compliant electronic health records to safely store patient information

All services are provided in accordance with NCCHC, ACA, DOC, and ADA guidelines, and DOCS Owner/CEO and Chief Dental Officer have been CCHP certified for more than 25 years. We are proud to have no judgments against us in our history of providing care.

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We can partner with your facility to provide dental care at controlled costs.
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