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Retail And Workplace

Custom Solutions for Accessible Care

convenient on-site health solutions

In an increasingly fast-paced world, DOCS Health recognizes the need to make healthcare more accessible and convenient for your customers, patrons, and staff. That’s why our commitment to health and wellness in retail and workplace settings is designed to improve access by bringing excellent care directly to you.

In the past, fitting a doctor’s appointment or a dental visit into an already busy schedule could feel stressful. With DOCS Health, it doesn’t have to be. Give your patrons or workforce peace of mind that they can access care, wherever they are.

DOCS Health’s direct-to-consumer solutions not only provide care you can count on, but they also help improve patient outcomes and positively impact accessibility, time savings, and cost of care.

Workplace Wellness

Our full-service healthcare solutions help redefine workplace wellness by providing more accessible care, timelier services, and better availability than traditional providers. Best yet, we do this while maintaining the highest standards of care.

When people arrive at work in great health, they perform better. With DOCS Health, you can rest assured that your workforce is healthy and productive, and your team can achieve a better work/life balance by getting the health or dental care they need on-site.

DOCS Health solutions for retail and workplace customers are designed to provide walk-in appointments, flexible scheduling, and care where your employees need it most. Our services include:


  • Mobile health assessments and checkups
  • Chiropractic and pain management
  • Vision care
  • Comprehensive dental care
  • Care coordination
  • Medical treatment in an urgent care setting
workplace wellness

Retail Healthcare

retail healthcare

To create greater efficiency, DOCS Health specializes in bringing high-quality, convenient care directly to you. Traditional medical and dental offices can create barriers to care through delayed appointment scheduling, hidden costs, or restrictions in provider availability. With DOCS Health, patients in retail settings can experience accessible care, flexible appointments that fit into their schedule, and care when (and where) they need it most.

Our innovative approaches to addressing those gaps — and helping consumers take ownership of their health — include:


  • E-visits
  • Telemedicine via phones or laptops
  • Urgent care centers
We can deliver high-quality care where you live, work, or shop. Call us today:
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