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Consumer Medical Solutions for Convenience and Accessibility

As our society gets busier, DOCS recognizes the need for providing more convenient and accessible healthcare. Our commitment to health and wellness in retail and corporate settings is designed to improve access to care and create more options for our members — where they live, work and shop. By removing the barriers to optimized health, our direct-to-consumer solutions improve outcomes that positively impact costs, accessibility and time-savings.

DOCS recognizes that the need for providing more convenient and accessible care is a growing reality.

Full-Service, Custom Health Solutions

DOCS is a full-service healthcare organization that can be efficiently incorporated into retail and corporate settings with solutions that meet specific needs and demographics. We can provide more accessibility, timelier services, and better availability than traditional providers, while maintaining the highest standards of care.

Healthcare Services For Retail and Corporate Customers

  • Health assessments and care
  • Chiropractic and pain management
  • Vision care
  • Comprehensive dental care
  • Care coordination
  • Medical treatment in an urgent care setting

The Growing Impact of Retail Healthcare on Patient Convenience

Currently, there are many innovative approaches to filling gaps in medical and dental services. Some can now be found in retail settings — ranging from e-visits, to direct-to-consumer telemedicine on phones or laptops, to urgent care centers. Through these various retail models, consumers are able to take ownership of their health and wellness. Traditional medical and dental offices can sometimes create barriers through delayed appointment scheduling, hidden costs, or restrictions in provider availability. DOCS specializes in bringing high-quality, convenient care directly to the population.


According to research, young adults (ages 18-44) account for 44% of retail clinic patients.


Among employers offering and measuring wellness, two-thirds reported increases in workplace productivity and satisfaction.


59% of U.S. families who used retail clinics this year did so  because hours were more convenient than traditional offices.


56% of patients surveyed said the ability to access walk-in appointments was a major reason they chose retail care.

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