Our Story

A Legacy of Delivering Care

Ensuring Access to Quality Care

For almost three decades, Dentrust Optimized Care Solutions (DOCS) has pursued innovation and excellence in our quest to solve a piece of the healthcare puzzle: ensuring access to quality care. Mobility and affordability issues often lock the door to high-quality medical treatment for various industries. DOCS has found the key to that door through a team of highly trained medical and dental professionals who deliver on-site care each day.

Since the inception of our company in 1990, we’ve been committed to supplying advanced care, promoting wellness, and improving health outcomes for schools, the U.S. military, foster care systems, and other government institutions around the world. Our founder and CEO, Lawrence Caplin, DMD holds the belief that care should be accessible, convenient and delivered with compassion and care.

Today, DOCS provides medical and dental care for many industries, offering well-integrated and custom solutions for our partners, members, and communities.

– Mission –

To facilitate advanced healthcare solutions that support, manage, and provide unique access opportunities for members, partners and communities.

– Vision –

DOCS will be a recognized leader in expanding access to care around the world that impact and improve health outcomes.

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